Sandeep's passion and skill is evident when you listen and watch him play. His hands skillfully utilize the full possibility of the keyboard eliciting a passionate, but tender sound he plays. His vocal quality is smooth and melodic. Possessing both these qualities makes Sandeep a gifted musician, and an honor for the audience to experience.

Sonja van de Hoef - Dennis

MMus, BMus(Hons), Director of Music, Colborne Street United Church, Festival Producer, Bach Music Festival of Canada

I'm a professional Japanese violinist. I've collaborated with Sandeep on his music and music videos many times. His music is magnificent and powerful. It has deep kindness and great love. I have great respect and appreciation for his beautiful music. His talent will continue to expand greatly. Thank you Sandeep!


Japanese violinist

Sandeep has a remarkably wide vocal range which he uses effectively and has great control over. His ability to play various styles on the keyboard- from rag time, classical, to shredding rock solos , makes him a really diverse keyboard player. Put these great qualities into a blender, add great composing skills driven by melody and you have one extraordinarily talented and musically gifted individual.

Royden Mascarenahas

Lead guitar of Point of view - UAE's best rock band

I have known Sandeep since the mid 90s when our bands would share the same stage at various concerts across Bangalore, the city we grew up in India. His unique voice, his dramatic performances and his zealous passion for music sets him apart from most musicians. My most vivid memory was his performance of 'November Rain' with his band at the National Law College. Over the years, although living in different countries, we have kept in touch via social media, supporting each other's music. I have always been an ardent fan of Sandeep's music and am impressed by the fantastic songs he produces with the children he coaches. His unique voice, heartfelt compositions and moving piano performances have been his strength and means by which he keeps us captivated. I always look forward to his next musical endeavor and hope to collaborate with him someday soon.

George Verghese

Award Winning Guitarist & Music Producer, Seattle Washington

Sandeep rules the rasp! His tone will strike you, no doubt as wild, unencumbered and inimitable as he narrates his stories in a canyonesque way. Like many musicians Sandeep admires and infers, he too has dedicated his life to the thoughtful practice of music towards humanitarianism. His music is enthralling not just because it is Sandeep's but also because it is deep and therefore unifying. John Lennon is quoted to have said "All you need is love". I add to that and say, "and Sandeep's music".

Niranjana Shankar

Performing Jazz artist Brooklyn, New York

Sandeep Boniface's music tells a story with eloquence and beauty, transporting you to another place filled with majesty and grace, lifting up your spirits and touching your heart through his lyrics and the passion with which he sings them, bringing together the sacred and secular in celebrating the meaning and mystery of life.

Rev. David R.Carrothers

Head Minister at Colborne Street United Church - London, Ontario, Canada

It has been my privilege to know, record with and perform live with Sandeep Boniface. When I first met Sandeep I was immediately drawn in by his musicality as a performer and soon came to know him as an accomplished composer and music educator. His melodies are the type you hear then soon find yourself humming over and over throughout the day. His harmonic awareness and contrapuntal lines bring the music to life while each subsequent listen reveals something new that perhaps you missed the time before. However, the part of his music that rises above the rest is his lyrics and how relevant the words are to the world today. His messages are very clear and show the inner soul of Sandeep as a world citizen who cares deeply about others. He speaks musically in a very positive way and strives for positive changes in all of us. His music will change you if you allow it and as always it reflects what we should be.

Allan Villiers

Musician, Composer, Educator - Seattle Washington

Music plays a special role in Sandeep's life. This is abundantly evident from the enthusiasm and dedication he shows to both his musical craft and his educational pursuits, Sandeep is an inspiration!

Shane Kells

Musician, Educator & Administrator - Canada

Sandeep thinks a lot. He marinates his songs in his mind before they reach the ear of the beholder. His voice has a unique flawlessness that conveys. He has his own ideas about the way things should be, which make them original. May God bless all his endeavors. Let the songs from his side reach out and bring solace to mankind.

Fr. Sandesh Manuel (OFM - Ordo Fratrum Minorum)

Classical Guitarist at Prayner Konservatorium - Vienna, Austria

Sandeep Boniface has been an integral part of the music programme at the Canadian International School (CIS), for 17 years. He is an accomplished musician who has shared his talent generously with the school community. The school choir, "Angel Flakes", came into existence at Sandeep's behest and the Angel Flakes choir is now considered amongst the best student choirs in Bangalore city! Students admire Sandeep and absolutely enjoy his music lessons at CIS. Sandeep is the lead singer of his band, Chromatix, which has performed at CIS on two occasions. Both times, the audience had a great time and was very appreciative of the band's performance.

Shweta Sastri

Executive Director- Canadian International